Our solutions dramatically reduce the amount of time needed to hire a leader and deliver a large financial impact.

When you use our Service Line Excellence Solution, we guarantee our services will be paid for themselves or we’ll cover the cost.

Service Line Excellence

Service Line Excellence Solution

Receive the benefits of both our Transitional and Permanent solutions, and we guarantee positive financial impact.

Permanent Leadership Solution

Through management of the Big 4 Threats to Success, we can help you acquire a qualified, experienced Permanent Leader in 120 days.

Transitional Leadership Solution

In as few as 5 days, our transitional leader can begin to significantly improve position performance.


Service Line Excellence Permanent Leadership Transitional Leadership
Days Until Leader on Site 5/120 120 5
Diagnostic Assessment Included
Project’s Risks Assessed With Plans to Overcome
Mitigate Big 4 Threats to Success
Guarantee Positive Financial Impact
Immediate Outcomes Improved & Permanent Leadership

Average Vacancy Before High-Level Placement

HealthLinx will acquire the right leader for your organization in less than half the time it typically takes an organization to do this on their own.

Saving you time and money, while leveraging a smart, proactive approach to improve your short and long-term outcome.

*Current as of June 2016

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