Pathway to Excellence® Designation

HealthLinx® works with organizations throughout all phases of the Pathway to Excellence® program.

Whether you are starting your initial designation or preparing for re-designation, partnering with HealthLinx takes you and your organization through the entire journey in a detailed, organized, and thorough process to ensure your goals are achieved.

As the leader in the market, when HealthLinx comes to your organization, it’s not only about the designation; it’s about focusing on nursing excellence.

We truly partner with organizations throughout to find, create, and implement solutions, instead of simply providing a score and walking away from the project.

When you partner with HealthLinx, you receive top-line services, unique benefits, and an experienced team assembled to accomplish your goals.

Our Services

  • Evaluation of unit-level performance to understand where your hospital currently stands, including Nursing Satisfaction and Nurse Quality Indicators
  • A comprehensive assessment of the Pathway to Excellence standards and elements of performance (EOPs)
  • On-site assessment of your Nursing Excellence culture to determine readiness for Pathway application
  • An extensive plan and timeline for writing, copy editing, and publication of the document
  • Establish an EOP writing plan that includes content and copy edits
  • Create and publish an electronic document for submission to ANCC

Our Benefits

  • Thorough project management aspect – one step at a time throughout the process
  • A professional view from an outsider perspective to understand how ready a hospital may be to boost their success towards being designated
  • Experienced professionals who are in hundreds of hospitals all over the country that know what excellence looks like
  • Candid and open conversations about opportunities for improvement

Our Team

  • Our Nursing Excellence team, Master’s and PhD prepared, consists of experienced nurse leaders that span decades
  • MPD’s through CNO’s driving operational nursing excellence at community-based hospitals up to large, academic centers
  • Versatile I.T. department accomplished in publishing
  • PhD-prepared, experienced copy editor dedicated solely to the copy editing work and not pulled in other areas
  • Relate to organizations and leaders from experience, maintain currency with professional developments, and the evolution of healthcare
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